Wednesday, March 5, 2008

World of Lee Evans

World of Lee Evans aired in 1995. This was a short series, only four episodes, each about twenty-five minutes. If you've seen Evans either doing standup or in his excellent short-lived sitcom Lee Evans, So What Now!, then you're familiar with how much of his talent lies in physical humor, movement and facial expressions. Still, words are an important part of these performances. On the other hand, the 1995 outing is almost a return to the world of the silent comics: Chaplin, Keaton and Lloyd. There's a minimum of dialogue, usually just brief comments. Most of the comedy in these four episodes relies on physical humor, much of it hilarious. It often revolves around misunderstandings and conflicting expectations. The other performers get right into the spirit of things. It's just regrettable that only four episodes were made.

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