Sunday, January 27, 2008

More Opinions and Recommendations

Another quirky sitcom that's easy to miss because it may fall under the rubric of "domestic sitcom" is Gavin And Stacey".

Here are some more shows that are very clever and funny but easy to inadvertently miss because they could somewhat loosely be called 'domestic sitcoms'.
  • The Grimleys
  • Home To Roost (stars John Thaw in one of his rare appearances in a sitcom, rather than his Inspector Morse
  • I Didn't Know You Cared (one of those quirky domestic sitcoms full of eccentric family members...should rightly be a classic)
  •  Kath And Kim (an extended Australian family. Focus is on mother and adult daughter, their relationships and misadventures. Definitely worth a look, this is a current series)
  • Keeping Up Appearances (starring Patricia Rutledge. She's an ordinary housewife who has pretentions of being 'posh', to the consistent frustration of her husband, family and neighbours. Another classic. Written by Roy Clark of Last Of The Summer Wine)
  • Kumars At No. 42 (an Indian family in Britain hosts a tv chat show in their house! Clever dialogue involving the family interactions as well as funny interviews with their guests. A long-running series)
  • Love Soup (the ideal couple who just never seem to actually meet each other. We follow their parallel lives. Returning for a second series)
  • May To December (a middle-aged barrister and a young woman fall in love. Light but somewhat sophisticated comedy)
  • Meet The Wife (a very early comedy starring Thora Hird. Worth seeing)
  • My Family (an ongoing series, based on the American model: a stable of writers. Still, very funny situations and top-notch acting from the costars, Robert Lindsay and Zoe Wanamaker. The earlier series especially benefit from the antics of the older son, Nick, who later was largely written out of the series)
I'll continue in my next posting with more recommendations in the domestic-sitcom style sitcom.

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Michael_J said...


I read your humble opinions with great interest. Fall And Rise Of Reginald Perrin was indeed a great piece of work. I also enjoyed Corner GAs which was broadcast here free to air for one season and then not.

Best wishes from Sydney Australia